PCGS (1808-1857) 1c Large Cent Full Brockage Reverse F12


PCGS (1808-1857) large cent with a full mirror brockage reverse. The brockage is crisp and clear, with most of the reverse design showing, including the letters and central wreath, as well as the outer dentils around the rim. Mirror brockages are very scarce on large cents, although the most available type is this one of the reverse design. Dramatic and beautiful, and also a higher grade than your typically see. Most are VG or lower grade, and often have corrosion or other damage.

PCGS F12 with chocolate brockage surfaces. Note, there are two small "dot" shaped gouges in the reverse which are not noted on the PCGS holder, but we note for accuracy. Most full brockages have "something" going on with them, and this example is much nicer than most we see, and the gouges are toned over nicely.