PCGS 1973-S Proof Kennedy Half Struck on El Salvador 10 Centavos Planchet PR67

COIN#1 PCGS 1973-S proof Kennedy half struck on an El Salvador 10 centavos planchet, with a weight of 7 grams, and on a planchet that is 25% copper and 75% nickel. As such, it is a “solid” planchet, and not the normal “clad” planchet that a Kennedy half is struck on. Also, it is smaller than a normal half dollar, with most of the reeding missing on the coin’s edge. Very scarce, with 4 known in total. 


COIN#2 PCGS 1973-S Proof Kennedy Half Strong Clashed Dies Obverse and Reverse PR67 CAMEOThe primary coin in this set is the 1973-S proof Kennedy on an El Salvador 10 centavos planchet, and the 2nd coin really adds relatively little value to the set, but is included with the wrong planchet error because it has the same strong clashed dies as the wrong planchet error. It’s an interesting pair together as a set, and the clashed die Kennedy makes for an interesting comparison.

The coins together form a neat set, with the 1973-S half on the El Salvador planchet being very rare, one of 4 known examples. The coin is also rare simply as proof Kennedy half on a foreign planchet, of which very few are known for the Kennedy half series.