PCGS 1c 1943 Wheat Cent on Dime Planchet AU55

PCGS 1943 wheat cent struck on a silver dime planchet. The off-metal is on unquestionably the most popular year for wheat cent errors, 1943, which is also the year steel cents were made and the year the 1943 copper cent was made (which is also the most valuable mint error known.) 

1943 cents on silver dime planchets are the most affordable off-metal type for this year, and although very popular, are much more affordable than the other off-metals such as the 1943 coppers, and are usually less expensive than the 1943 cents on foreign planchets. 

AU55 with mottled toning, and exceptional luster under the toning tThe luster such as you would expect on a mint state coin.) A light, circular scratch on the reverse keep the coin from grading AU58.