PCGS 1c 1943 Wheat Cent on Dime Planchet AU55

PCGS 1943 wheat cent struck on a silver dime planchet. The coin is the design of a cent but is struck on the planchet of a Mercury dime. In 1943, wheat cents were famously struck on the steel cent planchet, and because of that, any mint errors from this year are more popular than than any other year of Lincoln Wheat cent.

Additionally, the coin is actually on a dime blank, having no upset rim. Because its rims were not upset, the strike is weaker than it otherwise would be, and the rim's are not formed like it would be if it was struck on a planchet (with raised rims.) 

AU55 and a higher grade example, with light wear but excellent luster. Light gold toning and pleasing surfaces overall.