PCGS 1c 1964 Lincoln Cent on Clad 10c Blank Transitional MS65

PCGS 1c 1964 Lincoln cent struck on a clad 10c blank.

MS65 and having lustrous, problem-free surfaces. 

This is a transitional off-metal, struck on a 1965 clad dime blank which were struck for the year 1965 and later. It is also an off-metal, since it is struck on a dime planchet.

Transitional off-metals usually occur as a result of the transition from one year to the next in the striking of coins, and can only occur when a metal change is happening during that switching of years. 1965 was the year dimes switched to being clad, and somehow a clad dime planchet was struck by the prior year’s 1964 dies for a cent, creating this transitional off-metal.

Very scarce as an error type, but made even more so due to the grade, which is a premium example. We’ve seen a number of these over the years, and this coin any collector would love to own as it is above average.


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