PCGS 1c 1973-D Lincoln Cent Double-Struck on Clad Quarter Planchet AU-55


PCGS 1c 1973-D Lincoln Cent Struck on Clad Washington Quarter Planchet. This is the only known example of a cent struck on a quarter planchet (we’ve heard rumors of another of another date existing, but it is unverified, and may not exist at all.) The coin is spectacular looking, with the planchet far bigger than a cent's, and also the coin is clad instead of copper. The error occurred when a clad quarter planchet was few into a press striking cents and was struck.

A possibly unique error, and with loads of eye-appeal. Coins like this come on the market and then disappear off it for decades, so this is a rare opportunity to own quite possibly the only known example of this error type.

Of some interest, the coin is also double-struck (probably a saddle strike) with the 2nd strike 98% off-center at 1 o’clock. This is the correct placement for the 2nd die in a press of this era, since they had 2 sets of dies striking in tandem, and the 2nd die is placed at the 1 o’clock position in relation to die #1’s position.

Although the 2nd strike doesn’t really add to the coin’s eye-appeal, from an authentication standpoint we love to see that strike since it shows beyond any shadow of a doubt that the coin is authentic. A counterfeiter would never set up two sets of dies in a press to strike a coin in this manner—it simply would make no sense whatsoever. Obviously PCGS agreed with all its characteristics, as do I, which is why they certified it.

PCGS AU-55 with a touch of wear, but lustrous and problem-free.