PCGS (2-Coin Set) 1c 1943-S Steel Cent Split Off Reverse Zinc Platting MS-62--Unique


This is a unique error as far as we've ever heard, with not even a rumor of a similar piece existing anywhere. It's a 1943-S steel cent with it's reverse platting of zinc completely split off from the reverse, with the split off piece weighing only 0.0005 grains. Steel cents are platted with a micro-thin layer of zinc, which was done in an effort to keep the underlying steel planchet from rusting. Somehow, the zinc coating on the reverse did not bond properly to the reverse of this coin--why is unknown, but perhaps there was a grease-like substance which prevented it's bonding properly, but that is just a guess.

Coin#1 This coin features the obverse side which is normally struck, and the reverse side which has a matte-like finish from where the zinc layer split off. It literally looks virtually identical to an early 20th century matte proof coin!

Coin#2 The split off reverse is comprised of an incredibly thin and light-weight layer of metal, with a normal reverse strike on it, but with a mirror brockage on its obverse side.

A unique error, and fascinating!