PCGS 25c 2005-P West Virginia Quarter Reverse Missing Clad Layer MS-65 Red


Reverse missing clad layer, with the coin being different from most state quarters because it weighs 5.6 grams which is the correct weight for a state quarter. We call this a "Rolled Without Clad Layer" since it occurs entirely differently from a normal missing clad layer coin.

The error occurred differently than most missing clad layers because the clad layer was never on the planchet to begin with, due to the coin's planchet being punched out of a roll of strip that had a "short" nickel strip, resulting in the planchet being rolled to the correct thickness but simply having a thicker copper layer and no nickel layer on one side. Much scarcer than normal missing clad layers, which are coins which were punched out of strip having both nickel layers, but then with one nickel layer splitting off before strike resulting in a planchet that weighs 4.7 grams (1 gram underweight.)

You can see tapering on one side of the coin, which is because the planchet was punched out of the end of planchet strip, which is to be expected on a coin struck on a planchet with a "Rolled without clad layer" error.

PCGS MS-65 Red