PCGS 5c 1945-S War Nickel on Dime Planchet AU58

PCGS 1945-S war nickel struck on a silver dime planchet. The coin is silver, and is smaller than a normal nickel with much of the lettering missing in front of Jefferson's face. It is difficult to say how many exist for this date and mint on dime planchets, but it's probably around 3-5, but this is just a rough estimate. 

War nickels are scarce struck on dime planchets, although interestingly, the war time years of 1941-1945 are more common with major errors than most of the non war years. Doubtless this was because of the urgency at the Mint to produce as many coins as possible during the economically busy wartime years, and also because of less concern for quality during wartime. 

AU58 with a  hint of wear and traces of golden toning.