Planchets and Blanks

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Collecting Planchets and Blanks

Jon Sullivan

Planchets and blanks are a fascinating area of numismatics, and all collectors can find a place in their coin collections for them, since they are the unstruck discs of metal that all coins are struck on. In this article, we will be discussing what exactly they are, how to authenticate them, and how to collect them.

What is the difference between a planchet and a blank? These are a number of terms used to describe them, which can be confusing to collectors. Here are the two types of defined, at least in general terms.

What are "Wheel Marks"?

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Here is an excellent article on the subject, put out by NGC. It will describe in detail what they are, and how to detect them.

Comprehensive Error-Variety Checklist

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Comprehensive Error-Variety Checklist


Compiled by Mike Diamond



This checklist is my attempt to compile a comprehensive listing of all known variety and error types, subtypes, and associated effects.